The theme for the 2019 Chilhowie Community Apple Festival is "Mountain Splendor".

****2019 Chilhowie Apple Festival Road Closures and Parking Changes****

Due to sidewalk construction and pedestrian safety concerns there will be changes in permitted parking areas and street closures during the 2019 Chilhowie Community Apple Festival. The complete list of changes are listed below. We appreciate the public's cooperation and understanding that these changes are in the best interest of public safety.

There will be NO PARADE PARKING on the North Side of East Lee Highway/Hwy 11- from Pine Avenue to Church Street (where the new side walk is) per order of the Chilhowie Town Council. If vehicles are parked there, they will impede the flow of the parade and will be ticketed and removed at the owner's expense.

Free public parking will be provided in the upper left portion of the Little League Field off of Chestnut Avenue, and in the town park off of Railroad Avenue.

In order to improve pedestrian safety in the area of the Old High School and Dowell Memorial Park the following streets will be closed during the times specified.

These streets will be closed from 12 midnight on Thursday, September 26, 2019 through 4:00 PM on Sunday, September 29, 2019:

The following volunteers will serve on this year's Apple Festival committee:

This community event which so many citizens enjoy would not be possible without the hard working volunteers who spend a great deal of time and effort to make it happen. So if you enjoy the Apple Festival each year, a simple word of Thanks might be in order!